Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson

In the case of progressive muscle relaxation (short PMR, progressive relaxation, short: PR, or deep muscle relaxation) according to Edmund Jacobson it is a relaxation procedure, by the deliberate and conscious attachment and relaxation of certain muscle groups a condition Deep relaxation of the whole body is to be achieved. In doing so, the individual muscle parts are first tensioned in a certain sequence, the muscle tension is kept short, and then the tension is released. The concentration of the person is directed at the change between tension and relaxation and the sensations that are associated with these different states. The aim of the procedure is to reduce the muscle tension below the normal level due to improved body perception. Over time, the person should learn to bring about muscular relaxation whenever they want. In addition, by relaxing the muscles, other signs of physical agitation or excitement should be reduced, such as heart palpitations, sweating or trembling. In addition, muscle tension can be tracked and loosened, thus reducing painful conditions.

Tag: Relaxation Methods
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